Saturday, September 24

bendixx goes and remixes polish girl by neon indian

i'm having trouble keeping up with this crazy bastard. he made this song in a single day, and it took my 3 days to make a decent cover for it. he's already got another one almost done, so keep your eyes and ears peeled.

i've never understood that expression. what does it mean to peel your eyes? it sounds painful. nevermind, just CLICK THE PIC.

Thursday, September 22

this is bendixx

click it, fools

you'll want to remember this name, you'll be hearing it a lot from now on. this is the alias for my friend anthony cross. i've been helping him out with album art for his music, and we're proud to introduce his first single, "This Is Bendixx"

Tuesday, July 5

shed your skin and begin anew

my newest creation. i've submitted it to threadless, so as soon as it gets approved, i'll be sure to post a link where you can vote on it. i can use all the support i can get, so i greatly appreciate anyone who can take a few minutes to vote!

Thursday, June 23

meet natalie

drive until we find
a nice spot along the road
then take some photos

back in the fall there was a week where all of my friends would text in haiku's to each other and i just thought about it and wanted to try it out, but i think im out of practice.

anyway, this is natalie, a great friend of mine who i took a few pictures of on tuesday. here's one of the results. natalie has a great thing going on over at modemovement. if your anybody you'll probably want to check it out.