Tuesday, May 31

from the vault

as i was going through all my old stuff trying to throw/give away or sell things i don't need, i found some old photo's from when i took photography in highschool. i scanned them in and here are some of them. they are old and the scanning process made them look really dirty and dusty, but i kinda like it.


after quite a few tedious hours of drawing, and a little refining on the computer, i've finished my current project! i just need to finalize the color scheme and it's off to battle it's peers over in the threadless colosseum! give me your feedback for colors, i would love to have as much input as possible!

Thursday, May 26

sleep through the thunder

thats what i did this evening. and worked on this:

all area's will eventually be colored in, the lighter areas are just because i got lazy and am going to be digitizing it anyway. my plan is to use this as a full bleed pattern on a shirt with a low contrast. for instance, if the shirt is white, the black lines will be light grey or tan. i also wanna play around with multiple colors in crazy patterns, and maybe a gradient as well.

Wednesday, May 25

hello there, long lost friend of mine

yeah yeah, it's been a while. sorry about that. it's summer now, i've started building a site, and i'm about to go into overdrive mode so i can whip out some tshirt designs to submit to every site i can find so i can pay off all the debt i've accumulated from being in new york city without a job for a whole semester.

i have been updating my dailybooth on a somewhat regular basis, so don't forget to check that if there is nothing new on here. also if you click the ads, i get money, then have an easier time paying for everything required to start my own site and start selling stuff. just sayin'.