Tuesday, March 29

procrastination - it's what i'm best at

kind of a fitting subject matter, considering i did this instead of the work i need to do for tomorrows class...

and for those of you who might want this as an ipod wallpaper:

Monday, March 28

a different sketch

not sure where this one came from... completely different than my recent work. i just sat down and started drawing and this is what came out. i kinda love it when that happens.

i'll wave goodbye to the moon

couldn't sleep last night, so i passed some time drawing this. i kinda like it. im going to remake it at some point, change the composition, add some color, and whip up a t-shirt design.

Sunday, March 27

alex got bored, tried something new

today was one of those days where i just couldn't find motivation to do anything. nothing interested me today. i couldn't even watch a movie and give it my partial attention. as a last ditch effort to do something productive today, i decided to open flash and play around with the program which i haven't touched in years. here is the result, an unfinished little test.

Saturday, March 26

new york skyline

this is a 4 foot wide panoramic view of the new york city skyline from across the hudson river. from start to finish, this probably took 20 hours or more to complete, which was done over the course of a week and a half. i'm going to try to get a higher-res image up soon, this one doesn't do it justice.

it was scanned in, and a series of 8 of these, using photoshop to tweak the levels and other elements to become less and less distinguishable. the prints will be around 3 feet wide and all 8 will be placed in a vertical grid. i'll be sure to get some pictures up once it's done being installed.

super duper high res version now available

Tuesday, March 22

life's short, stunt it

another ipod wallpaper... once I get some free time (summer? maybe?) I have some big plans... maybe I'll drop hints once and a while, but probably not.

oh, and if your interested, check out my tumblr for some random images that strike my fancy. from now on, i won't post my work there, but check it out for a growing collection of pretty random images.

Monday, March 21

waiting is boring. doing is fun.

here's another ipod wallpaper for ya'll. i've got a big project for school going on right now, so this is all i've had time for. i don't want to give it away, so i won't...
if you were one of my close friends, you probably could have gotten to see it in person while i was working on it, but you internet folk will just have to wait until it's finished to see it. shame on you...

Tuesday, March 8

ipod wallpaper - just more of the same

counting sheep is for squares. when i can't keep my eyes closed, i draw lines instead.

and for you folks out there with gadgets, here's an ipod touch sized version:

Monday, March 7

ipod wallpaper - why wait until later when you can have it now

ipod wallpaper - finally, something useful from me

i'm going to try to convert lot of my illustrations into wallpapers for ipods, computers, etc. so that they can serve more of a purpose than just collecting dust on the abandoned shelves of a blog archive. in the future, i'll take size and composition of these mediums into account and create some more fitting designs, but for my older stuff, i'll try to do what I can do make it work.

to start off, here is an ipod touch wallpaper of one of my recent illustrations:

more coming soon!

Saturday, March 5

lazy saturday

this is what i did with my afternoon. it took a lot longer than i was expecting...