Friday, October 29

there's a snake in my boot!

finally! a substantial update! this was something I drew last weekend and just got around to coloring it today. I wanted to get it done soon so I could include it in my portfolio for an application I am working on so I can spend spring semester in new york city!

also, I have decided to hold a contest!

exciting, right? I know. All you have to do is comment on this post (with comments, criticism, suggestions for other drawings, what you think my favorite flavor of ice cream is, I don't care), and follow my blog, and you'll be entered to win this drawing! who knows, maybe someday it will actually be worth more than the pulp you could get from recycling the paper. since, admittedly, there are not many people that actually follow my blog yet, I will not pick a winner until there is at least 25 different people entered, so it may be a while.

more boring rules:

-to officially enter, follow my blog and comment on this post.
-don't enter more than once with the same name (you aren't that dumb, right?) or with multiple aliases (I will catch you).
-I will pay for shipping (if necessary) to anywhere in the United States. If your international, end up winning, and like the illustration enough to pay for shipping, we can work something out.
-there is no deadline for this contest, I will not pick a winner until I feel there are enough entries (read the paragraph above).

there's a snake in my boot  |  15x11.5 in  |  pen & watercolor
also, I have another finished project, but I am not going to post it until later this weekend, so check back!


  1. your washes are awesome. the color pallet is sublime!

  2. Hey, I actually think that cowpoke looks a lot like Matt Hauger! Great drawing--plus I like the tone of your blog. Hope you get lots of followers!

  3. I'm not an artist or critic. All I can say is "This makes me smile." Great work Alex. Talent runs in the family.