Wednesday, February 16

I'm a tangled mess

i'm a little bored slash disappointed with the level of freedom (or lack thereof) in my design studio here at nycams, so i've just decided to spend the extra time i would have been working on class projects if they had been more involved on more drawings slash designs to go on here. not like i really needed an excuse, though.

i got bored with the website i had been making, so i think i'm going to start fresh. don't worry, it'll be worth the wait (probably not).

oh by the way: i splurged and got a bigger moleskine as well. first illustration in it.

Thursday, February 3

nyc's a 24/7 party

after a (very busy) first week in new york, i am officially having a blast. i haven't had as much time to draw as I would like, but i am keeping myself busy with lots of other things:

-within a week or so the website i am making for my mother's artwork will be going live
-i got an internship at the web design firm exhibit-e, which is pretty freaking cool. they manage over 200 art galleries world wide
-i'm busy working on whipping up some poster designs for my folks back at messiah college
-i'm talking with 2 of my professors here at nycams about redesigning their personal websites, which is also pretty freaking cool

be sure to check out my dailybooth for some straight to business pictures of me on my interview day, a view from my balcony overlooking manhattan, and another progress shot of a sketch yet-to-be-completed.

for those of you who skipped the text to get to the pictures, to sum things up: it's freaking fantastic in new york and i'm a busy little bee.