Thursday, June 23

meet natalie

drive until we find
a nice spot along the road
then take some photos

back in the fall there was a week where all of my friends would text in haiku's to each other and i just thought about it and wanted to try it out, but i think im out of practice.

anyway, this is natalie, a great friend of mine who i took a few pictures of on tuesday. here's one of the results. natalie has a great thing going on over at modemovement. if your anybody you'll probably want to check it out.

Wednesday, June 22


to-do list:

[x] write to-do list
[  ] actually follow through and complete the list

Tuesday, June 7

drippy ipod wallpaper stuff

whatever. here ya go.

 spent a few hours setting up some back end stuff for my site today. i have a lot of work ahead ofm me, but my plan is to have something published by the end of june because i got $100 free advertising from google (for some reason) and it expires at the end of june. boom.