Saturday, November 13


well, the illustration I was going to originally put up has died. That is, the file that I had on my computer of the scan got corrupted somehow. It might be the really bad usb drive that I found. Who knows? Let's not get bogged down in details. As an replacement, I give you these strange characters I wasn't reallly planning to show.

also, from now on, my doodles will be posted to my dailybooth profile. I'll keep the rough sketches there and the more completed work here, just so I don't dilute things.

i'm off to dream, i'll post the intended drawing tomorrow when I have a chance to rescan it. keep your ears open for some cool news that might possibly coming your way involving the evolution of the site... and stuff. sorry, just got back from seeing Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. awesome movie which has been released on dvd very recently. absolutely great movie, i'd suggested you watch it and prepare to get your mind blown. and I'll leave you with these:


  1. thanks! I have another illustration I'm working on with some more of the characters from the last one, hopefully will be done in a day or four.