Friday, November 5

it's finally friday frenzy pt. 1

Since the vast majority of my time and effort during my lectures goes towards doodling, I figured I might as well make it productive. It is my pleasure - nay, HONOR - to introduce to you the first of many finally friday frenzies!

basically, every friday, I will take the doodles I have created in class that week, scan them all in, and post them here. Since this is the first one, I have a little bit of a backlog of images (18 scans to be precise, some of which have multiple doodles) so to get the most out of my limited resources, I will be making this first finally friday frenzy a three part adventure. That means today, tomorrow, and sunday you will be bombarded with poorly drawn ridiculousness! Let's start the weekend off right with the first batch of doodles:

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