Friday, April 8

This isn't goodbye, it's see you later

just when I get some momentum going, I'm posting on a pretty regular basis, and I'm making a lot of progress on all the projects I've been working on, my computer craps out. I work at a computer repair shop, so I'm anything but helpless when it comes to fixing most computer problems, but this box of junk just won't start again. I've tried everything, and at this point, I can't even get the display to show up, much less the computer to actually boot properly. I'm stuck in a city where I have none of the tools I usually have to fix stuff, no spare parts, no adapter to even get my data off, and no money to buy stuff to fix it. Looks like I'm doin it old school. For the next 6 weeks, which means no or very few updates for here, unless I either get this working, or do it at the computer lab at our class/studio space, but the scanner is horrible there. I'm writing this on my iPod. At least it hasn't failed me. I'm going to keep drawing every chance I get, so once may hits, prepare for a flood of new stuff on here. I've got some pretty big plans for this summer, too. It's going to be great and hopefully you all will enjoy it to. Until then, my friends, that will be all. Good night.

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