Tuesday, January 25

this coming soon page is coming soon

i've decided to design and build my website to fit the template of a moleskin sketchbook. this is a coming soon notice of the coming soon page (i like to procrastinate, what can i say?) i started sketching out a very basic layout for a website, and decided to turn it into a coming soon page as well. i guess it gives you a little insight into the kinds of things i try to plan out at the beginning of a website design, like how accessible are the admin controls, how easy it will be for people to go from page to page, and some basic technical notations for when it comes to coding.

i've always wanted to try creating a completely hand drawn/photographed web site. i'm excited for the challenge to try to stuff as much usability and features cohesively into such small dimensions like that of a sketchbook.

the first release will be a very simple 1 page blog. you click either side of the sketchbook to go to the previous page or the next page, and that will be about it. then once that's up i'll start working on a user login and comments. then i'll start adding in other things like downloads (wallpapers, designer resources, etc) and anything else i fancy and think i can miniaturize into the site.

don't worry, i'm going to try to keep drawing regularly and keep getting new work up on this old thing until i get the new one up, so check back soon!

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